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We design and deliver out-of-the-box solutions with special emphasis on safety management.
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Our unrivalled competitive advantage in Greece though is cargoes that present extraordinary challenges: windmills, helicopters, conveyor belts for industrial use, yachts and heavy machinery, special equipment etc. To this end, we design and deliver out-of-the-box solutions with special emphasis on safety management.


As shipping agents we provide for all types of vessel. To offer our clients a smooth experience, our staff assess the complexity of each assignment and streamline our operations accordingly:

Loading / Discharging
As protecting agents

Our range of shipping agency services is comprehensive:

Liaison with local authorities
Inward / outward clearance
Crew change and services, including immigration formalities, meet-and-greet at the airport and arrangements for hotel accommodation, air tickets and shore pass
Spare clearance and delivery arrangements
Liaison with tugboats and service boats
Slops and waste disposal arrangements
Fresh water supplies
Liaison and follow-up with workshops, surveyors and suppliers, including stores, provisions and bunkers
Stevedores / dock arrangement


Our logistics services complement our shipping agency operations throughout Greece. They allow us to become integrated partners to our clients who also require:

Bulk and unitized cargo handling
Storage in sheltered and open air warehouses
Bonded warehouses and cargo transit
Reefer warehouses
Delivery at own premises and distribution
Customs clearance and declaration
Combined transportations
Packing and picking

To produce optimal, cost-effective options, we rely on advanced IT applications. We deliberate on the specifications of each cargo and tailor our shipping logistics solutions to the needs and singularities of our clients.


Here are 5 good reasons why HELDEN Shipping is right for you:


We are extensively experienced in handling all types of dry or liquid cargo. In recent months we have handled no less than 400 vessel calls.

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